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Sengoku Jidai Interactive History (The Sequel!)

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  • Sengoku Jidai Interactive History (The Sequel!)

    Sengoku Jidai

    The date is 1560. Since Onin War Japan has been in turmoil. Almost hundred years of internal strife between various Daimyos has left the country in ruins. The weak Ashikaga shogunate has no power over the warring factions and has themselves fallen on the role of puppets for various lords pursuing the power on the central Japan. With the arrival of European traders in 1543. The new gunpowder weapons are changing the image of the traditional Samurai warfare and any worthy Daimyo have been trying to secure these new weapons as much as possible.

    Few stronger clans have been able to raise their lands and status, but anything is possible,when a single battle can mean victory or death for any of the contenders for power.
    In the Southern Island of Kuyshu. Shimazu Takahisa has been able to secure the provinces of Satsuma and Osumi and is now on the lookout for expansion towards the Northern parts of the island.
    In the Northern Kuyshu. Otomo clan lead by Otomo Sorin,has strong position. Their domain includes the provinces of Bungo,Buzen and Chikuzen. It seems its only matter of time when Otomo and Shimazu will clash against eachother in order to find out the true owner of Kuyshu island. But currently Otomo has other enemies to worry about.
    After destroying his former masters,the Ouchi Clan in 1555. Mori Motonari,the leader of Mori clan has become master of the Western part of Honshu,the main island of Japan. Mori clan now holds the provinces of Aki,Suo, Nagato and Iwami. His forces have also attacked Kuyshy,endangering the Otomo domain,which have caused war between the two powers.
    To the East of the Mori,lies the other power house of Western Japan, mighty Amako clan,lead by Amako Haruhisa. From their capital Gassan Toda, Amako holds the provinces of Izumo, Bingo and Hoki. Two decades a go Haruhisa tryed to annihilate the Mori, but while the odds were 3 to 1 on his favour,the war wasnt succesfull, but there is no doubt that his goal is still clear in his head.
    To the South of the lands of Amako and Mori, is another island of Japan, Shikoku.There on the Southern Tosa province, Chosokabe Kunichika has worked long and hard to gain control of the province. While he has been able to consolidate his domain, other factors have gained him a giant of a clan as his neighbour.
    Miyoshi clan led by Miyoshi Chokei has effectively crushed their former masters the Hosokawa and while they are based on Shikoku, currently their vast lands conclude large parts of the central Japan and also the Capital Kyoto is under their rule,while the Ashikaga Shogun, Yoshiteru is mere puppet of Miyoshi and their Matsunaga allies. Currently Miyoshi domain includes the provinces of Sanuki and Awa in Shikoku island, the small island of Awaji between the Honshu and Shikoku and Izumi,Settsu and Yamashiro on the main island.
    West from Capital,Clan Asai rule the province of Omi. Their leader Hisamasa rules from his capital Odani the turbulent province. The Asai are allied to the Asakura Clan which is their Northern neighbour. Asakura Yoshikage rules the province of Echizen and has committed lot of his efforts on defeating the Ikko Ikki rebels that rule the neighbouring Kaga province.
    South of Asai and their allies Asakura. A young ambitious Daimio has united the various branches of his family and has taken control over Owari province. This man is called Oda Nobunaga. Some say that there is a great future for the young Daimyo,but his neighbour Imagawa Clan has other thoughts.
    Imagawa Yoshimoto has been dreaming of conquering of Kyoto for a long time. Now he has gathered his men of provinces that are under Imagawa authority and is preparing to fullfill his dream. The provinces of Suruga, Totomi and Mikawa have provided him lots of men,but the stubborn Oda stand between his dreams of conquests and reality. To the North of Imagawa lives another Daimyo with dreams of conquering Japan.
    Takeda Shingen has relentlesly campaigned against almost all of his neighbours to largen the Takeda domain. With provinces of Kai and most of Shinano.He is a force to be reckoned with.
    To the North Of Takeda Domain is the Clan Uesugi. Relentless enemies of Takeda,lead by Uesugi Kenshin. Kenshin holds the title of Kanto Kanrei and is determined to to take all Kanto under Uesugi power. The current Uesugi domain is largely Echigo and parts of Shinano and Kozuke. In Kozuke the other Clan determined to take the province is the large Hojo clan. The leader of Hojo ,Ujiasy has fought all his life against all directions. In result of that the Hojo domain is the strongest on the Kanto plain. Their provinces are Izu, Sagami, Musashi and the Southern part of Kozuke. They are surrounded by hostile clans,but so far it has been the Hojo taking the lands of their enemies. While Imagawa,Takeda and Uesugi are threatening Hojo from West and North. There are more enemies in the East.Including Satomi and Satake clans.
    Satomi clan,lead by Satomi Yoshitaka own the Awai province on the Southern tip of Boso peninsula. They have warred Hojo for decades,trying to stop the advances of Hojo,both on sea and land.
    To the North of Satomi on the Eastern coast of Honshu, Satake holds the province of Hitachi. Their leader Satake Yoshiaki has taken Hitachi with multiple wars against multiple opponents. While Hojo is a imminent danger to Satake,there are more threats coming from the North. These threats include Date clan.
    Date Harumune owns parts of the large Northern province of Mutsu. He has worked hard to raise the status of his clan that fell deep during the civil war inside the clan not so long a go. With good use of force and diplomacy,the Date has chances to become the rulers of Northern Japan. But without those virtues a destruction in the hands of multiple enemies is very much possible.

    provinces/ ownership after Autumn 1563

    The name in list means the official owner of the province. A clan will be named as the owner of a province untill its completely conquered. Occupation of parts of province will not effect the owner in this list,only total conquering.


    Satsuma/ Shimazu

    Osumi/ Shimazu

    Higo/ Shimazu

    Huyga/ Shimazu

    Bungo/ Otomo

    Chikugo/ Shimazu

    Buzen / Otomo

    Hizen/ Otomo

    Chikuzen/ Otomo


    Tosa/ Chosokabe

    Iyo/ Kono

    Sanuki / Miyoshi

    Awa/ Miyoshi

    Awaji island / Miyoshi


    Nagato /Mori

    Suo/ Mori

    Aki/ Mori

    Iwami West / Mori , Iwami East / Amako

    Bingo / Amako

    Izumo / Amako

    Hoki/ Amako

    Bitchu /Amako

    Mimasaka / Amako west, Yamana East

    Bizen /Ukita

    Inaba /Yamana

    Tajima /Yamana

    Harima/ Akamatsu

    Tamba/ Hatano

    Tango/ Isshiki

    Wakasa / Takeda( not main Takeda)

    Settsu / Miyoshi

    Izumi/ Miyoshi

    Yamashiro / Miyoshi

    Kwatchi/ Miyoshi

    Yamato/ Tsutsui

    Kii / Suzuki

    Iga / Iga Monto

    Ise / Kitabatake

    Shima / Kitabatake

    Omi / Asai

    Echizen / Oda

    Kaga / Hatakeyama

    Mino / Saito

    Hida / Anekagoji

    Noto / Hatakeyama

    Etchu/ Shiina

    Shinano/ Takeda south,central, Uesugi north

    Kai/ Takeda

    Owari / Saito

    Mikawa / Imagawa

    Totomi / Imagawa

    Suruga / Imagawa

    Izu/ Hojo

    Sagami /Hojo

    Musashi/ Hojo

    Kozuke/ Ashina

    Kazusa / Satomi

    Shimosa / Satomi

    Awai/ Satomi

    Hitachi/ Satake

    Shimotsuke / Satake

    Echigo/ Uesugi

    Dewa/ Uesugi South west, Date South East, Mogami central and North.

    Mutsu/ Ashina south, Date central, Date North East, Oura North West


    Will post later.


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    There will be four seasons per year. Each chapter represents a season. After each chapter i will give options for each Clan for the next chapter. The diplomacy between players will last for one week. After a week the players will submit their answers.
    A player can pm other players with their diplomatic offers,with nonplayable Clans pm me. Players can also demand submission to Vassal for other clans or submit themselves if the other player accepts via diplomacy. This means that when submitting the player continues playing the game with limited options under the rule of the player they have submitted to. Also when a player conquers another human players clans last areas,he has the choice to make him vassal or exterminate his clan. If he makes the other player his vassal.The player that has turned into vassal continues playing the game as vassal of the other player with limited options. Decided by the victor,they can continue serving as generals for example fighting campaigns semi independently. If the players Clan is exterminated by the Conquer,he will drop out of the game. Also the loosing player can decide to commit Seppuku, which will result in him dropping out of the game after he has lost all his lands.
    When player conquers the whole territory of nonplayable clan he has basicly the same options.To include the Clan in his retainers as vassal or destroy it and give the lands to new lord of his choosing. Vassals can revolt, but as they are only semi independent there is always high risk of getting cought. If the players reach a deal in diplomacy they should make a public announcement about it.If the deal is secret one,all you need to do is for other of the deal makers to pm me about it,so i can take the deal in account. During the second week i will write the new chapter and post it in the end of that week or following weekend. The first playable factions are:


    Each player has the knowledge of the maximum amount of troops he can raise. This is also the indicator of their wealth. Basicly one man= one koku (amount of rise to feed a man for a year). I have thought long and hard about how to solve this and this is how the economy will play out.

    For example if you can raise maximum of 20000 men for your army, that means you can alternatively build for the amount of 20000 koku. As Japan is feudal society, the amount of trade is very limited and most income comes from taxing the agriculture.Here are prizes for buildings you can build:

    Church/Temple 1000 koku (helps keeping the province happy,converting to other religion).

    Teppo factory 10000 Koku (starts construction of your own teppos, first about 100 per season,later cannons etc. and increases its production.)

    Castle upgrade 5000 koku (makes you stand sieges longer and betters the training of your men)

    The castle sizes are from smallest to largest:


    Simple castle can hold out about 1 year of siege if well supplied, small about 1 and one quarter of year, medium one and half of year, large one and three quarters of a year and huge about two years of siege.

    ship for your fleet 100 koku( each ship can carry 100 men.) Annual upkeep for each ship you have is 20 koku.

    Each building takes an year to finish,you can build up to 10 ships per season on your coastal provinces.

    For example if you can draft 15000 men in maximum, you can start building teppo factory during spring, but after that you only have resources left to maintain army of 5000 untill its completed after an year.

    Portuguese and other European traders.

    European traders arrive each Spring to Kuyshu. From there they move to Honshu and Shikoku during summer. They carry muskets and cannons as their merchandise,but not enough for all Japan, so depending on the Western Daimyos, the Eatern lords might not get any. Here are the prizes of their products.

    musket 10 koku

    cannon 500 koku









    Amako K




    Yamana: ShogunGrumpyBear